Best Friends Forever


Friends are the family you choose. Whether you chose each other in 7th grade homeroom or in the office lunchroom, best friends are forever and so are the memories. Shopping and selfies, makeup and shoes – being a girl is so much fun, especially with your number one.


Best Friends Have Paws Too
For many of us, the unconditional love of a pet was one of our first experiences with friendship. The ultimate confidante, with us through thick and thin, and a friend that lives on in our heart forever. That’s what makes the Snowbabies™ collection so endearing and special. Remembering how Max loved to go for rides and how kitty was more than happy to share your ice cream.


Memories and Stories


Shopping and selfies, makeup and shoes – being a girl is just so much fun, especially with your number one. Snowbabies designer Kristi Jensen Pierro has been capturing the magic and wonder of winter in her designs for over 30 years. Her work reflects her experiences with her children and her own childhood. She loves drawing inspiration and ideas from collectors. “The evolution of many of my designs comes from the inspiration of the thousands of enthusiasts and collectors everywhere.” Each Snowbabies™ piece tells its own unique story. And it’s those stories, inspired by real memories that connect with us in such a special and personal way.


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