Holiday Village Storage

village-storageAfter the holidays, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “What is the best way to store my Department 56 Village pieces?” Before packing up your pieces, it’s important to make sure that your Village items are clean because it’s easy for dust, snow and glitter to collect on the surface. You can start with using a soft brush or feather duster to remove surface dust. Some collectors have shared using a hair dryer on a low, cool setting, or using canned air (used to clean computer components) is also effective at removing dust. DO NOT USE a liquid spray, water, or a soapy water solution to clean your buildings or accessories because it may damage the finish.

Once the surface dust is removed and you are ready to wrap up your items keep in mind a few things:

1.) Temperature. When storing your fine collectibles we recommend that the storage area be kept at a comfortable temperature that is, (between 50 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit). Do not subject the pieces to extreme heat or extreme cold. If you are unable to find a suitable location within your home (a spare walk-in closet or room), a dry basement is a good alternative. We do not recommend storage in a place that gets too warm or cold like an attic. The cords, electrical components, batteries, sisal trees, bushes, and animated portions are not designed to be stored in extreme temperatures and may be negatively affected by heat.

village-storage-22.) Plastic containers. We suggest using large clear plastic containers that will prevent dampness and water from damaging the boxes and finishes of your collectibles. Keep in mind that labeling each plastic container you store your pieces in is extremely helpful.

3.) Proper packing. If you have kept your Village box with Styrofoam packaging you’re off to a great start. Unfortunately, we do not have extra boxes available. If your original box has become lost or damaged, we recommend storing your piece in a clean, sturdy cardboard box with adequate packaging material.

4.) Organization. The more organized you can be the easier it will be to set up your creation next Holiday season. ALWAYS store your cords and adapters with the correct pieces. Order your missing or spare parts even before packing away! By doing this you will be prepared to set up again next year without delay.

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