Department 56: Quilting and Village


Mistletoe Farm, Original Snow Village

Snow Village’s 2016 introduction of Mistletoe Farms features a special detail adorned the traditional red barn, a barn quilt. This Mistletoe Farms barn quilt, however, was created by Department 56’s very own Melinda Seegers (aka Ms. Lit Town). Traditionally barn quilts would represent what the farm was known for and would be featured on the outside of the barn. This design is a carpenters square because her father was a carpenter. The featured barn quilt is only the beginning of the relationship between Village and quilting.

Calico Quilts, New England Village
Ms. Quilt Town, New England Vlillage

Calico Quilts, designed by artist Barb Lund and Ms. Quilt Town designed by artist Tate Yotter in the New England Village collection pay special tribute to Department 56’s Ms. Lit Town. Featured in our “spring must have” guide and Village Winter 2017 catalogue these pieces offer a special nod to a dedicated part of Department 56. Her love for quilting also has helped a variety of charities that Department 56 has donated to.

Starting in 2008 NCC started auctioning off a quilt created by Ms. Lit Town each year. The beautifully stitched quilts have raised over $65,000 for a variety of charities, each of which are picked by the club hosting the convention each year. This year is the 25th Anniversary of the NCC Gathering will be in Tempe, Arizona from June 14-18, 2017 at the Tempe Mission Palms. The organization the quilt auction proceeds will go to this year is called Crops of Luv, an organization founded in 2007 that creates scrapbooks for “Make a Wish” participants and their families. Make sure to check back for an image of the finished quilt!

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