Snowbabies: It’s All in the Details

Kristi Jensen Pierro

This year celebrated Kristi Jensen-Pierro’s 30th year with Department 56, which also marks celebrating 30 years of playful Snowbabies. Her personal experiences are artfully designed into each Snowbabies piece and carefully named to ensure a sentiment of love, friendship or inspiration.

“Each piece I design tells its own story. It’s the story that makes each Snowbabies’ figurine special and unique.”

She further explains that “I love to talk to collectors at the many open house events I attend each year. My work reflects my own experiences with my children and my own childhood, but the evolution of many of my designs comes from the inspiration of the thousands of enthusiasts and collectors everywhere. You tell me what you like, and what you don’t. And I listen.”

Each Snowbabies piece has a unique story with exceptional detail. Kristi shares that “My favorite piece this year is “Artistic Endeavors” which features a Snowbaby artist talking to a friendly dog who has just made a mess. The creative look of the figures’ faces is perfect. Wondering what they are going to do next – clean up the paint or get down to work on their masterpiece. I was inspired by our cat, a huge, grey, lazy cat who lives in my studio at home. The cat pretends to allow the artists to use the space twice a week! If I leave my oil paint pallet on the large work table, the cat walks through it leaving colorful, oily footprints all over the table surface. This was my ‘idea’ for Artistic Endeavors.”

Snowbabies Classic Collection, Artistic Endeavors

Some of the new pieces this year also feature beautiful, internally lit accents. Simply add a sisal tree and faux snow accents to create a magical scene on any end table. Creating a fun display that catches the attention of your guests has never been easier!

Snowbabies Classic Collections, Welcome Home

The glazed porcelain bisque finish on some of the new pieces, such as Blessed Child Nativity, look exceptional with the warm light glowing from within. The glaze finish featured on many of the new Snowbabies Snow Dream pieces gives a bit of a retro feel to them. Also pictured, Light the Way, doesn’t lack in detail either! Holding a Yule log with three lit candles and wearing a hat with rhinestone detail, this piece will look great paired with any of the pieces you currently own. The bronzed glitter on many of the Snowbabies Snow Dream pieces makes them extremely easy to mix and match in any holiday display.

Snowbabies Snow Dreams, Light the Way (left) and Blessed Child Nativity (right)

Snowbabies really do say it all! The care and attention to detail that Kristi puts into each piece make them perfect gifts. Even 30 years of designs later Kristi does not disappoint with the new 2017 additions! If you’re interested in seeing more of the new Snowbabies pieces, make sure to click here.


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  • Shelly Harrison

    June 2, 2017 at 4:11 pm Reply

    Hello! My mom passed away and I found 6, which I believe are Snowbabies. How do I know if they are and what their “names” are? Thank you.

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